Monday, May 10, 2010

Flaggs of a different scale

I won this Flagg Family on eBay last night

They won't be attending the family reunion because they are dolls of a different scale. They are 1:1 not 3/4 scale.

I fell in love with their faces and clothes. They look much less cartoonish than their 3/4 cousins. Don't get me wrong. I love the smaller dolls too. Their caricature-like look is very appealing. 

So I am waiting impatiently to receive my new family and thinking about what house they will live in - maybe the Stockbroker Tudor. It's about time I started fixing that one up. I have had for it over a year and I have done nothing to it. I was to afraid to start back then, but now I have lots of dollhouse experience, so I will have to take a second look.
Being a child of the 50s and 60s, these dolls really spoke to me.(Make sure you click on the picture to see the whole family.)

Look at how stylish Mom is in her circle skirt, white shrug and bandanna. Her pixie cut suits her perfectly.

Dad is handsome in his business attire, All ready to go to work and support his family.

Little brother isn't the least bit self  conscious in his green overall shorts, white shirt and white ankle socks. He is very secure with his place in the world.

I love Sis's gingham dress and white collar. Mom must have put in some good ironing time on that, but it was worth it. Sis looks like a dream child. I am sure she is a perfect little lady.

Baby brother has only his diaper, but he looks very happy anyway. This is the same baby doll they used in the 3/4 sets.

A little research has told me that these larger scale, more realistic dolls are from a later period than the Flaggs I have shown you so far. The 1-inch scale dolls are shown in ads from 1961 and 1965 and the 3/4" dolls are from the late 40s to the mid-60s. (from Dollhouse And Furniture Advertising, 1880s-1980s by Dian Zillner, Suzanne Silverthorn)

Flagg also produced 7-inch dolls in various costumes, i.e. dancers, different countries,  etc. I haven't acquired any of those yet as I thought they were too big for the dollhouse, but time will tell whether any of them end up at my house.

Anonymous left me another comment about his/her new dolls.

They are the Bennetts. The little girl is Amelia, her twin brother is Nick, The mom is Sarah, the dad is David. The baby will be Ellie.

It sounds like they are going to a very good home ad will have some wonderful adventures.

I pulled the pictures off eBay to share as Anonymous doesn't have a blog, but I think, as a kindred spirit, Anonmous shoud start blogging and share with us.

We would love to hear about the adventures of the Bennett family.

All it takes is a digital camera, and access to the internet.



  1. Whoa it's a Flagg population explosion!!!! Love it. Your new Flaggs are very cool. Cheers! CM

  2. What fabulous Flaggs! I hope to see them on your blog when they arrive.

  3. Are they the bendy rubber dolls. I remember those from when I was little although they may have been a different make.

  4. Oh, wow!! The family will be perfect for your 'Stockbroker Tudor' dollhouse! The baby with the diaper is so cute and funny :) And the packaging made like a house, is so cool!!


  5. Hi! I have created a website... Try that.. If it doesnt work try,! Cheers, and thanks for posting the pics!
    Spencer Grace

  6. Hi Spencer. Welocme to the blogging world. works, but the other one doesn't. I have left you a comment.
    Have fun

  7. Tallulah - yes, they have bendy rubber bodies. You were lucky to have them as a child. I had never seen them before I got Dian Zillner's book and then I fell in love with them and started to look for them.

  8. I love all the Flagg dolls who have flooded your lovely blog! Especially the grandparents...not sure if I have seen them before or not! Looking forward to many stories from the land of the Flaggs!

  9. Thanks Florine.
    May does seem to be a Flagg month. I was delighted to find a bag of 11 Flagg dolls in Pennsylvania. I knew my road trip/dollhouse buying binge would not be complete until I found some Flaggs. I am pleased with the way the replacement clothing turned out. Especially the Grandmothers' suits. There is nothing worse than a naked Grandmother in a doll blog LOL.