Monday, April 20, 2009

Stockbroker Tudor Doll House

I recently bought this 'Stockbroker Tudor' dollhouse through the classifieds. I have searched the internet until my eyes are blurry, but can not find anything like it online.
I am interested in knowing what company made it and when. I don't think it's home made. It is professionally done with interior wiring for lights, appropriately scaled floors and wallpapers, real glass in the windows, etc.
It needs some restoration as you can see from the picture, but it is gorgeous. Perhaps someone out there will know what it is, or where I can find information on it.
I need to decide if it would be better to restore it by replacing the damaged wallpaper and floor coverings with duplicates of what is there, or if I can re-decorate with my own designs.
Any information would be appreciated.

Half of the left side opens and reveals the front hall, the stairs, the upper landing and the smallest bedroom of the three. Apparently a tiny third bedroom was typical for this style of house when it was human sized. Notice the baseboards and ceiling moldings in all rooms. There is a small cupboard under the stairs with no access from the house. The smallest bedroom is the only room that has wallpaper on the access door. Because of that I think it might have been re-done at some point.

The back of the house opens completely. There is a kitchen door (missing), and a sliding glass patio door.

The back of the house reveals the kitchen (lower right) with a herringbone floor pattern, and dining room with a fireplace (lower left). Upstairs is the bathroom, with black and white tiled floor and delft-tyle style wall paper. The large bedroom at the back is missing its original carpet. All the rooms are wired for lighting, but some fixtures are completely gone, while others, like the one in the bedroom remain, but are missing their covers and bulbs.

The brick on the house is paper, but has a realistic look to it. The front entry is gorgeous, and has a small inset porch (the white area).

The porch area and threshold. The carpets are a mess throughout the house, but I would like to replace them with 'wood' floors anyway.

Dining/living room from the back patio door to the front bay window.

There is a built-in bookcase with sliding doors on the bottom. The living- dining room run the depth of the house as one big room. The bookcase kind of divides the spaces.

Inside the bay window, which swings open for access to the master bedroom and living room. It needs a lot of restoration, but you can see how lovely it could be.

I love that the all the windows in the house have interior framing. Some is missing, but I should be able to re-create them.


  1. So many possibilities with this house. What a wonderful find!

  2. I think that you made quite a find there with this house! Taking a leaf out of your book, I scoured the classifieds and a thrift shop website in hopes that I would land a handsome house as well. Alas, no new house yet (good thing too, because I'm making slow progress on my current project as is).