Saturday, May 8, 2010

News travels fast ...

All the Flaggs have their phones glued to their ears today. (Literally, I couldn't get their arms to bend to the proper position.)


Betty Flagg phones her parents with the good news.
"Mom! Bob is home! He's okay - just a little tired."

"Oh my dear, how wonderful!" says Mrs. Drapeau. "Where has he been all this time.

Betty explains, "Bob had amnesia and his sister Felicia found him in California. When he saw her his memory came back and he came home as fast as he could. Patsy and I are so happy."

"I am so glad dear." says Mrs Drapeau. But she feels something is not right.

As soon as she gets off the phone she tells her husband. "Dabney, we must go to Betty's immediately. Bob's come back and he says he had amnesia."

"Dorothy," says Mr. Drapeau, "Why don't you let the kids have some time alone. Bob's been gone a while. They could probably use some privacy. Call Betty back and tell her we will take Patsy for a few days."

"No, Dabney. We must go to Betty right away. People don't get amnesia in this day and age. Something fishy is going on. Hurry up and pack."

Next Betty calls her sister Bridget and tells her the story.

Bridget tells Betty how wonderful it is, but she is suspicious too.

She can hardly wait to get off the phone so she can pack up her three kids and hubby Bill Banner and go to her sister.

Meanwhile Felicia, Bob's sister is calling her mother.

"Mom!" she says. "Bob's home. You can't imagine how surprised I was to run into him the last time I was in San Francisco. He disappeared because he had amnesia."

"Bob's home!!" says Mrs. Flagg Sr. "My dear, I will be on the first plane to Bob and Betty's house."

 "Okay Mom. We'll see you there. Philip and the twins and I are driving up there in the morning."

"Did you hear that Freddie?" Fern says to her brother. "We are going to see cousin Patsy. I wonder what trouble she'll get us into this time. I can't wait."
"Okay dear, I'll see you all then. I'm going to call your cousin Debbie and let her know." Mrs. Flagg Sr. hangs up then redials the phone.

"Hello," says Debbie.

"Hello dear, this is your Aunt Flavia. How are things there in your Dream House?"

"Everything is fine here Aunt Flavia. How are you?"

"I have good news, dear. Bob is home. The family is going to Bob and Betty's to visit him. Why don't you join us there?"

"I would love to Aunt Flavia. I'll take the train up tomorrow."

I wonder if anyone remembered to let Bob and Betty know that company was coming. It looks like the Flagg house is going to be pretty crowded. Stay tuned.

P.S. On my travels with Daphne I picked up a bag containing 11 Flagg dolls at one of the antique markets. All were dirty, some were damaged, and all but two were missing their clothes. I have had some fun cleaning, restoring and finding or making clothes for the family. I still need to get some paint for rubbed hair and shoes, but all are dressed now and ready for a family reunion.



  1. Oh Susan... Funny-Funny-Funny... Like a bunch of little old ladies on the phone yacking it up and telling tales. Love all the Flagg Dolls you found. They all look great. Super photos too. Now I gotta show hubby all your hard work.

  2. Una gran familia los Dolls Flagg, cuando se junten todos no van a caber jejejej
    Son una maravilla de muñecos y me ha encantado seguir esa historia tan simpatica.
    Tienes muchisima imaginacion
    besitos ascension

  3. Lucky you! The Flagg dolls are wonderful. I specially like the photo of Felicia's mother reclining on her sofa - wonderful!

  4. oh my goodness- I can't wait to hear more of the story- Bob and Betty are sure going to be surprised!

  5. Thanks everyone! I had fun doing this post even though I couldn't get their little arms to go into the right positions.
    Bob and Betty will certainly have a houseful. And a big surprise is coming too.

  6. I accidentally rejected a comment from Anonymous (it's too easy to hit the wrong link when you are in a hurry), so I have to paste it here:

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "News travels fast ...":

    Lucky Me! I just won an original family set of Flagg Dolls! Yay!!!

    He/She doesn't clarify, but I think Anonymous won that lovely family of Flagg dolls that was being offered on eBay yesterday. I was watching them too, but decided not to bid as I have so many already. The family is in their original box, all clean and lovely in their original clothes. Lucky indeed.

    You can see the photos here until the sale comes down :

    These dolls are so cute. Wonderful win, Anonymous! When are you going to blog about them so we all can see?


  7. Thanks! I did indeed win that set of dolls. I don't have a blog, so there will be no posting but I might find some way to post pictures! Their names are the Bennetts. The little girl is Amelia, her twin brother is Nick, The mom is Sarah, the dad is David. The baby will be Ellie.
    Spencer (Posting as anonymous. I'm a avid reader to all these blogs!)

  8. Hi Spencer;
    Is it okay if I do a quick post about them? I can pull the pics from ebay.

  9. That would be great! I had never heard about them until I read your blog and fell in love with them at first sight. I'm so exicted to finally get some!

  10. It was the same for me, Spencer. I had never seen them before I bought one of Dian Zillner's books. Then I fell in love with them and started to look for them. I first got Betty and Patsy on eBay, but the family has grown a lot since then.