Sunday, November 22, 2009

My 'New' House

My 'new' house arrived from England last weekend thanks to Carol and her daughter. It is the same scale as my Rich / Keystone look-alike - 3/4" or 1/16. I think Lundby is the same scale.

The door and walls are made of fibreboard, I believe.

I am very excited to have it. It is almost identical to the Tudor house, dated 1966, on page 56 (upper left) of Dian Zillner/Patty Cooper's Antique and Collectible Dollhouses and Their Furnishings.
The main differences are as follows:
My house has a red chimney (white on the Tudor) and burgundy window frames (green on the Tudor).
The door on my house looks exactly like the windows. The Tudor house has a white door with an oval window. The Tudor house lower floor looks as if it comes out from the front about an inch and doesn't have the indented area where the front door is. The slot over the front window once had a canopy.

The painted foliage in mine is more green and verdant than the one in the book. My tree has red fruit in it.

There is a label on the front porch of my house. According to Zillner/Cooper the house in their book is labeled (they don't say whether it's a Tudor or GeeBee label). Apparently Tudor sold their houses under the GeeBee label from 1946 to 1978.

They also say that the house in their book is plain inside, but as you can see from the pictures below, mine has one end of the bedroom papered and the entire back wall of the downstairs. Perhaps there was paper on the other walls once. I don't know.

Carol included the following furniture with the house. I am sure many of you will recognize some, or all, of it. I think there is some Lundby/Barton/Caroline's home. i am not sure what the wooden bedroom suite is, but I know the bathroom is Kleeware.

If you know anything about this house or the furniture please leave a comment.



  1. I've got the cooker, the bedside table and the bed in my Triang house. I believe they might be Barton or Doltoi, but I'm not an expert.

  2. HI...I have these bedroom pieces as well. I believe they are Barton's 1970's "Model Home" pieces. You can find similar pieces on page 104 of International Dollhouses & Accessories 1880s to 1980s by Dian Zillner. It always "throws" me when I see pieces like your bathroom which here in America are made by Renwal...but in England they are Kleeware like you mentioned. I love your downstairs window with out-in-the-garden scene. Very fun! Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Grandma's Attic - sometime... Louise

  3. Thanks for the info, ladies. I think the lady I bought if from did say Barton.

    Louise, I have that book. I will look it up.


  4. I thought I recognised the bathroom furnishings, I played with mom's stuff as a child and she had the sink and tub, I believe.

    I thought it was Renwal, but, it's been so long ago, I wasn't sure.

  5. I think that Renwal and Kleeware are very similar if not the same. Kleeware is from England. Her in Canada we had Reliable which was very similar.

  6. I have the same dining room table and chairs and I love them :) They are from Barton and, as you wrote, so are your sofa and chairs.
    Here's a link to a catalogue page where you can find them:

  7. Thanks so much for the information. The link is great!

  8. What a great house! It's in terrific condition, and fascinating that it has the papers on two walls. They certainly look original, and very effective!
    I have the articles Marion Osborne wrote on this dolls house company for a UK dolls house magazine. GeeBee was the trademark, and the company name was Tudor Toy Company. So it's the same thing, really. The company was based in Hull, in England, as the label on your house shows.

  9. Thanks Rebecca! I love the way bloggers share information. I have learned so much, especially from the bloggers interested in vintage houses.

    I agree that the papers look original. I wonder if the bedroom had a paper on the opposite wall. The one that is there looks like a bathroom to me. If you ever upload the articles let me know.