Friday, November 6, 2009

Dolls in the Nursery

Baby Clara has a lot of dolls in her nursery.

The round painted doll was purchased in Sweden recently as a gift for the dollhouse.

The first doll in yellow is a little princess that I got in the 70's. She is so cute. She may become a baby for a family of Erna Meyer dolls, but for now she is a toy in Clara's nursery.

The little doll in the yellow crocheted dress has a rather ugly sequin on the front. I think it must have discolored. A safety pin is crocheted into the doll's panties on the back. I guess one was intended to wear it as a pin. I got her at the antique market with a bunch of other vintage minis. I think she is a wonderful doll's doll.

The two little porcelain dolls are reproductions made from antique molds. I got these in the 70's too.

The little dutch dolls were a garage sale find recently. They were still in their original package which is why they are so clean and mint. They are about two inches tall, hard plastic, with jointed arms.

The last doll in the pink crocheted dress was a thrift shop find. I just love her. She may become a child instead of a doll in a different dollhouse. She is a couple of inches tall. Just right for a toddler.

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