Saturday, August 14, 2010

... stopped into a church I passed along the way ..

After leaving Colette and the San Francisco holiday Daphne and her 1:1 traveling companion went further down the coast with a group of friends from DC.

There was no longer anyone of  Daphne's size and even though they visited wonderful places, by the time they got to the Mission in Carmel by the Sea Daphne was feeling low and a little out of focus.
This is the 3rd Mission completed by the Spanish in California and is the final resting place of the founding father of California missions, Father Junipero Serra. It is quite lovely and the gardens are beautiful.

When they got inside the church Daphne's spirits rose. There in front of her was a whole village of little peeps. They were slightly larger than Daphne, but they were definitely her kind of people.

A large and elaborate creche was in an alcove displaying the everyday lives of its villagers while, on a raised patio in the background, Mary and Joseph rejoice in the birth of their son.

(The photographer apologizes for the blurry pictures. They were taken without a flash so as not to intrude on the wedding taking place in the chapel down the hall)

As Daphne finished her tour of the Mission she felt much better and more focused.

Life was good and she was happy again. Little peeps could turn up in the most unexpected palces

Next Daphne and the big peeps visit the Hearst Castle.

Stay tuned.




  1. OMG that is fabulous! What a beautiful Mission and thank heavens Daphne found some friends. Great pictures! C

  2. Wow, I have visited that Mission but never noticed the little village. I have to tell you that I visited the Carmel Doll Shop yesterday and found it closed as you did. I called the number posted on the door and was informed that the owners had "just left for a doll show". Waaa! And the shop looked so interesting too. oh well

  3. Thanks CM. Daphne still misses Colette, but she was happy to find new friends.

    Mini Pig, maybe the Carmel Doll Shop is NEVER open. It's just a myth with teasers in the window. I went on their website and found that I could not have bought anything from them anyway. The prices are for much richer people than I. So I guess it was a blessing that they were closed and I left with my dreams intact.


  4. Oh, how wonderful! And so nice for Daphne too meet her kind of people! :-) (But aren't they all a bit old for her?)

  5. Muy bonita escena antigua, tanto por la estructura como los personajes con esos ropajes.
    Un abrazo