Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's look at the main floor of the Green House

Let's go upstairs and see what the family has done with that lovely open space.

I see a beautiful antique chest at the top of the stairs. A model ship sits atop it.

As we reach the top of the stairs we can see the they have created a seating area under the window. The Le Corbusier lounge and the Gerrit Rietveld chair accent the antique chest very nicely.

Left of the staircase is a very elegant Steinway Tricentennial Piano

The left side of the room has a casual seating area with a Bocca Lip sofa, pair of Bibendum arm chairs and a red Poul Volther Corona chair with ottoman.

To the right of the staircase is a more formal sitting area. The Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Barcelona couch and chair join the Bozart Jasper Morrison white sofas around a glass table.
In the corner is a white Eero Aarnio Ball Chair with a red interior.

Stay and have a look around. There are lots more pictures to enjoy!!

The furniture includes Reac, Bozart Kaleidoscope, Reutter Porzellan, Town Square Miniatures, found and made items.

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  1. Very cool tables and your floor is amazing!

  2. The house is beautiful and I love how you used reac furniture to make a home that's both cosy and stylish!