Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas at Mindolton Manor

I know this should have been posted several weeks ago, but as usual time flies and things get left behind. I thought you might like to see the pictures anyway.

Jake and Ruby invited some neighbours in to share some holiday cheer.

The living room isn't totally renovated yet, but they decided not to wait until it was perfect.

Their little daughter tries to choose some goodies from the buffet before Ruby notices and sends her upstairs to join the other children.
The guests admire the new living room sofa and chairs and Jake offers cocktails from his new drinks cabinet.
The new maid is still learning her job and is unsure how to serve from the tea trolley. Let's hope Ruby realizes and takes over before more guest arrive and cause complete confusion.


  1. what a great party- wish I would have been there! It looks so festive Susan- I love the maid and her tea trolley :)

  2. Lovely dolls, lovely furniture...just one of the most enjoyable Christmas settings I have ever seen! Great job...glad you posted it! Flo

  3. Thanks so much Kim and Florine.

    I am glad I posted the pictures.

    The dolls are in there still partying. I haven't had a minute since Christmas to do anything else with this room. I need to decide on a floor for it, put up the crown moulding and baseboard and put the trim on the inside of the windows.

    At least I have no excuse to be bored;)