Tuesday, February 2, 2010

There's a new house in Mindolton. Let's have a look.

A big green house has appeared in Mondolton.

It has a stark colonial look from the outside, but the house inside and out has a minimalist beauty.

It was built by an expert craftsman, and all hand made.

The siding is put on by hand one piece at a time. The windows, with their cross pieces, are all made by hand. And the door is hand panelled.

The front halves of the house open up from the middle to show the beautiful hand polished floors in the main living areas of the house.

Now that the open house is over a new family has moved in. Let's have a look at how they furnished this lovely home.

The House Tour:

First the kitchen - It is very modern. They have hidden the fridge inside the beautiful cabinet in the corner. I wonder where they have hidden the sink. And the dishwasher. Maybe we'll find out on our next visit.

The Aga cooker is gorgeous. It looks like the first meal in their new home is bubbling away.

A few steps from the kitchen is a cozy, comfy family room. What a great place for the children to play while Mom & Dad make dinner.

It looks like someone in the family enjoys embroidery. There is a pillow in progress on the side table.

There's also a table full of pipes. I hope the pipe smoker takes those nasty things outside to enjoy them and doesn't smell up the nice new house.

The front hall has a beautiful antique hall stand with a duck handled umbrella - probably for the pipe smoker to take outside when it rains,

I see they have divided the large dining room into two sections. How clever. The back section near the stairs is for formal dining and the front section looks like a games area, or possibly a second table for guests.

Both areas are furnished with beautiful inlaid tables and Macintosh chairs. A Bozart sculpture is featured in the far corner.

In the next blog we will explore the living room and music room one flight up.

Hurry back.




  1. Love your new house and the furniture.

  2. Thanks Carey. I hope to get more pictures up tomorrow.


  3. Wow... Those floors are outstanding. I admire the details in all the chairs. Looks like a million dollar home to me. Oh and the pipe smoker should always smoke outside. Love it and I'll stop back soon.

  4. oh my goodness- what a gorgeous house! I love the way it opens up- what a beautiful house to place your inlaid tables in! I really can't wait to see more!