Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The found dollhouse

Sometimes you come across a house that needs more than TLC, but something about it speaks to you.

Although this house needs a complete overhaul I fell in love with the front portico and I had to have it. Can't you just see it with flower boxes under the windows and topiaries on each side of the door

Some aspects of the interior had been decorated well and to scale, but the house must have gone to a new owner or the builder lost interest in the project. Look at the attic wall paper.

While a charming reflection of a 1970's childhood, does nothing to enhance the natural beauty of the house.

Removing the wallpaper proved to be impossible, so I got our my hammer and plyers and took the house apart. I found it to be well constructed, if not professionally made, and I became excited to see that it would probably be quite a lovely little home once I had stripped it, and re-decorated.

There are so many possibilities with the large rooms, and wide windows. I could have four deep narrow rooms on the second floor, or perhaps a lovely master suite, a nursery and a bathroom.

The main floor has such large windows it makes wonder if the plan was to play with the front room setting through them. The rooms are so deep that it is difficult for an adult to reach around the furniture and get to that part.

I am sure that small hands would have less trouble.

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