Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Library at Mindolton Manor - Vintage dollhouse

When I got this house the library was the only room that wasn't empty. It came with the four bookshelves and all the books.
It is a comfortable, friendly room, furnished in a comfortable, friendly way. Except for the new fireplace and the built in credenza on the right wall all of the furniture is Lynnfield.
I particularly like the double sided desk with the 'leather' top and working drawers.
The lovely secretary came full of books and has pigeon holes and small drawers inside its drop front.
The matching sofa, wing chair and rocking chair are the same style as those in the master bedroom. This set has an arm chair in the same upholstery in a contrasting colour.

The chess set is magnetic. It has a few pieces missing, but I will just assume it's a game in progress and the missing pieces have already been captured.
The two paintings are original works of art. They are landscapes of lakes - much like cottage country here in Ontario. Perhaps the Mindoltons also own a summer cottage up north.
(I'll have to see if I have one in the garage)
 The ashtray is an accessory from the German company Gerlach. I have several of these. Some are in my Tynietoy house and some are in my Gottschalk.

As a rabid non-smoker I find it odd that these ashtrays are so attractive to me. I think it's the realism and the nod to previous era when smoking everywhere was acceptable.
Both carpets are hand made. The one under the desk is petit point and goes very will with the colours in the desk.

The books came with the house, but it looks like I need a few more to fill the shelves.

I hope you enjoyed the Library. Next time we will visit the dining room.

Good bye for now.


  1. Oh Susan! This is gorgeous! It looks so real. May we sit in it and order tea???? CM

    1. Yes, we will have the maid bring it and then she can light the fire so we can be cozy while we enjoy it.

  2. This room is perfect for reading.
    Bye Faby

  3. Susan, as a rabid book lover, I am in love with this library! It has a similar ambience to the library in Queen Mary's dollhouse,

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Cheers, Neen

    1. Thanks Neen! Visiting Queen Mary's dollhouse is on my bucket list. I take is as quite a compliment to have my house compared to it. Come and visit!!

  4. A beautiful room. Thanks for sharing the photos.
    The scale is perfect.
    Hugs, Drora