Sunday, September 25, 2011

Antique Dolls who live in my house.

 Some of my favourite dolls won't fit into my dollhouses but I thought you might like to see them anyway.

I love the little boy in blue who is peaking out from between the girls.

The China heads are all old except the little one in orange. I forgot to set up the Caco family before I took the picture.
These lovely dolls are enjoying a corner of my living room. It is hard to keep the cats off them though. Darcy and Lili (my cats) think the dolls make lovely beds. They have no idea how fragile the antique fabric is. Nor do they care.
The tallest girl at the back is a re-dressed wooden Schoenhut, as is the little blonde in blue at the front. The sweet girl with the lavender ribbon at her waist is a Jumeau. The one in the dark dress to the right of the Schoenhut is also a Jumeau. She is in her original dress.

I hope you enjoyed the visit.



  1. Thanks Faby. I love dolls too.

  2. What a beautiful collection of wonderful dolls. Hugs Maria

  3. The Jeameau in the black dress is stunning. What is that house on the table? I like the setee too! CM

  4. Do the French dolls drink champagne all day?
    A Nana Mouse

  5. The little house beside the china dolls is a small Bliss. It is pretty, but I think the paper coverings on the outside are replacements of the original ones.
    I got the antique settee free on Craigslist. Who knew they had more than Dollhouses?? lol

  6. Nana Mouse, the French dolls would love to drink champagne all day, but very little of the bubbly gets past me. lol

  7. They are lovely, love the doll in the bottom pic, dark hair, green dress with lace :)

  8. ¡Maravillosas! Gracias por enseñarlas, he disfrutado muchísimo , me encantan las muñecas

  9. Nice dolls, today I finally posted a blog about the lovely dollies i received from you.

  10. Maria, the Flagg dolls look very happy in their new home in the Netherlands, I love the graphics of the tin house they are to live in.
    Everyone, you can see Maria's post here :
    Makes sure you copy everything between the quotation marks and past it into your browser.