Saturday, March 19, 2011

The third floor of Tynietoy Villa

The top floor of Tynietoy Villa is for the children. Ganny is spending some time with Bobby and Susie.
 The nurse is in busy with baby Timmy.
 Susie wants Granny to help her cut out her paper dolls, but Granny can't find the scissors.
 Bobby is waiting for Granny to be busy with Susie so he can sail his boat in the bathtub. He gets to do it only if Nurse and Granny forget to watch him.

Granny has forgotten what she was looking for.

And such is life on the third floor of Tynietoy villa.

The dolls are Caco with metal feet and composition heads - although I think Grannys head might be plastic.

There is no Tynietoy furniture up here, but there could be in the future if I find any nursery things.

The large cupboard behind Granny is a Lynnfield hutch. The pink nursery furniture is Strombecker, as is the yellow ducky rocker. The baby's crib, dresser and chair are from sometime around the 1940s and I don't know who made it, but I love it.

The rugs are handmade, and the toys and accessories are found items.


  1. I love how the little boy is holding the sailboat! The strombecker looks great there.
    Good old nana! Cheery scene! CM

  2. lovely caco dolls - they are my favourites! Lizzie x

  3. Thanks everyone!! The Caco's are my favourites too! They have such personality. And I like that they can be posed.