Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tynietoy Villa renewed

 I have spent the last few weekends redecorating my Tynietoy house. I added baseboards, crown moldings, and the bedroom doors. I re-papered the living room and upper hall, and I stained the floors and painted the stairs. It still needs a little work, but it is a much better home for my Tynietoy collection now.

See the before pictures here

In the front hall Mr. Greybeard has just brought Abby in from her walk.

All furniture in the house is Tynietoy. Except for Xanthe and Mr. Greybeard, all dolls are Caco with metal feet and composition heads. The dated from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Accessories vary from soft metal German Gerlach, which was made in the early 20th century to go with Tynietoy, to a range of found items from 1900 to present.
In the living room Xanthe is serving tea to a charming young Caco couple. Abby rushes in hoping for a treat.
The maid is in the dining room. One would think they could afford to buy her a new apron. She has been wearing this one for several decades.
 I re-papered the upper hall. I like it much better now.  The front area makes a great space for games or cards.

The yellow bedroom is a bit crowded. I may redecorate, but for now we have a vintage Caco doll checking to see if the beds have been made.
The master bedroom is a vision in red, white and gold. Mrs. Caco, sister to the lady in the parlor, has discovered the cat and her kittens under the bed.
I love this white dresser.


  1. You've done a lovely job. I love the dolls!

  2. That Tynietoy furniture is just beautiful.Lizzie

  3. Thanks Everyone! I love the quality of the Tynietoy, and the sturdiness. Some of this furniture is around 80 years old and has some obvious wear, but I think it just ads to the patina.