Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wurlitzer - mystery piano

I found some old dollhouse furniture the other day. Although it was several decades old, it was not great quality and just not that exciting.

The glue had dried out on some and they were in pieces, so after cleaning them up I sat down to put them back together.

Luckily, all the pieces to the piano where there and this is how it looks now - rather primitive, don't you think - maybe even home made?  (Sorry about the glue strings - I was letting the glue dry and hadn't cleaned them off yet when I took this picture.)

The surprise - only seen the piano is not glued together - is that it says 'Wurlitzer' on the piece the glue covers.

So, the mystery is why is there a Wurlitzer stamp hidden on the inside, Was it a promotional item? If so, why isn't the mark on the bottom where we can see it?

Is it homemade? If so, why is it stamped. Did the maker have access to wood from the Wurlitzer factory?

Here is the piano with the bench. The keys are almost gone - they are paper, but the piano itself is in great shape and very sturdy. I would place it about 1920's, although I could be way off. What do you think?

Let me know if any of you recognize it or can contribute to its history. I would love to know more.



  1. fascinating about the Wurlitzer name - that is the genuine writing style of the company, so I'm guessing they made this piano as a promotional toy. It is an odd place to hide the name though.

  2. How intriguing. Could it have been visible once, broken and glued back together so it was no longer visible?

  3. I'm always out looking ... if I find anything interesting, and I can pick it up for a song, I'll let you know! Wonderful blog!

  4. I have one! It is the same thing only mine is in far better shape. It was given to me with a doll house from the 1940's and I suspect it is that old or older.

  5. I have one as well in a darker finish. On mine "Wurlizter" is stamped right above the keyboard. It belonged to my grandmother when she was a child, that would have been between 1920 and 1935.

  6. I also have one in the original Wurlitzer box.I bought this at auction several years ago and always wondered about it just couldn't find info on it!Would love to find out about it!

  7. I also have one in the original Wurlitzer box in great condition.I have been looking for info on it just haven't found any.I would appreciate any info you can find on it.