Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On such a winter's day

 Last Friday was a beautiful day up here in the frozen north. A spring wind blew into town and the temperature went up to about 15° C. That's about 60° F for some of you.

It was sunny and windy and springlike, so when I could grab a a bit of time, I unchained myself from my desk and went out to enjoy the weather before the temperature dropped back to freezing (as the weatherman had promised it would later that day).

It was such a beautiful day that I walked much farther than I had planned, and found myself in front of an unfamiliar antique shop.

It was dusty and cluttered. A veritable maze of forgotten and neglected  treasures. I asked the kind proprietor if he had anything pertaining to antique dollhouses.

 "Oh, just a few things over here." he said gesturing toward a locked display case.

It took him a while to find the key, but when he did I chose the items in the first picture to take home with me.

The bathroom set is marked "Made in Germany" as you can see from the pictures.

I am not sure of the age but the faucets on the sink are wood with wire, so I am guessing 1920s or 30s.

 One of the faucets is broken. I don't think I will try to restore the wood part, but I may find a wire to recreate the spout.
I am in love with the brass chandelier. Can anyone give me any clues about its origin or age?

I have put it in my new/old Tynietoy house (my last blog entry) and I love how it looks with that classic furniture.

The coffee post is similar, but not identical to, the Gerlach pots that were sold as Tynietoy accessories,

The two pitchers are metal accessories and may be from the 1950s, or earlier.

I am not sure if the ice tongs are old, but I fell in love with them. They will go below stairs in Tynietoy Manor.

The two pewter plates with spoons are sealed in the little bag. I don't know abut their age or maker, but they will work very well in one of my dollhouses.

I happily paid the shop owner and asked if he might email me if he came across any more items like these.

"I'm sorry," he said. " I don't have email. I told you, I am an antique."

And, now I know where I will be walking to when the weather is nice and sunny.



  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm coming to visit! (California Dreaming, I guess) Beautiful items! C

  2. Susan, You have found some really incredible vintage items. I am looking forward to watching your progress on the huge house that you plan on using for your Tineytoy furnishings! It looks like a grand house and will look wonderful when completed!

  3. I'm thrilled to see all the wonderful vintage items you've collected ... I have a few old pieces as well, but nothing like what you've been so lucky to have found. Great blog!