Monday, October 19, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Linda at Linda's Minis has given me the Kreativ Blogger Award. I am pleased she thought to include me and to hear the kind things she has to say about my blog. I have to list seven things I love and then pass the award on to seven Kreativ Bloggers. I have decided to combine the two and list the blogs I love. You lovely bloggers can respond to the criteria of the award if you haven't already been tagged. Here you are in no particular order:

1. Casey's Minis: A favourite blog of this community and of mine, Casey's daily posts are anticipated by all of us. I am never bored in any waiting room now. I just pull up Casey's blog on my blackberry and enjoy Tessie's latest adventures.

2. Dale's Dreams: Dale makes beautiful mini treasures that we can easily acquire through her etsy shop. She also has a twin to one of my vintage dollhouses.

3. Room for Room: or raum fuer raum in German. Oese finds the most wonderful modern furniture and accessories for her little rooms. It is like visiting a mini version of another time and place.

4. Tiny Treasures: Debbie has been through a lot in the last little while. We all waited anxiously for news of her operation from her wonderful son Ben. Now that she is on the road to recovery we are eagerly waiting to hear about her minis, both in doll's houses and horses

5. Marlies en minies: Marlies always has something interesting to share from the Netherlands. I really enjoy her blog and her comments on my blog.

6. Rebecca's Collections: Rebecca is in Australia and collects vintage Erna Meyer dolls and vintage minis. She is happy to share her extensive knowledge and helped me date my Erna Meyers finds,

7. My Vintage Dollhouses and other treasures: This is a newer blog with soooo many wonderful vintage minis. I love the pictures. I can't wait for then next blog entry.

I love all the bloggers I follow but can't list you all here. I enjoy this blogger community so much. Thanks for including me.




  1. Susan, sweet! I feel so honored to be thought of. :) I don't have time to participate, but I really appreciate it. :)

    I'm off to check out all of the blogs you've listed, I think I'm already following some of them.

    You are right, Casey's blog is a gas! :)

  2. Thank you Susan! How special it is to me to receive recognition for my new blog and to be included in a group made up of extremely talented miniaturists!

    I greatly enjoy reading your multi-faceted blog because, not only do you collect and showcase the vintage dollhouses/furniture I enjoy so much, but you also make miniatures, write stories around your collection that make me smile, and you usually post several times a week! Yours is one blog I check on daily and am always delighted to see a new post on your site. Of course, then I get carried away checking on some of the blogs you follow and I never get around to commenting...

    I will enjoy passing on the award, but you do realize one will be coming right back at you! I hope you are working on a new blog right now so I will have something to read when I get to work in the morning! Hugs (from another person who signs off with "hugs"!) and I am delighted that you enjoy my blog... Florine

  3. Thanks Dale. I know you will enjoy the blogs as much as I do. Have you done more with my dollhouse twin? we need more pictures.


  4. Thanks Florine. I love your blog. I enjoy learning about vintage doll houses and minis because that's where my heart is. I'm glad you like my blog. It is fun to write it, but I don't really post every day even if I try to. I don't have time. I look forward to seeing your new posts