Saturday, May 25, 2024

1963 Tammy's Ideal House

I haven't been buying dollhouses lately, but when the opportunity to acquire this 1963 Tammy house came up I couldn't resist. I have been wanting this house for years. It is really more of a play room than a house. It is equipped with many games to keep teenagers occupied.
Tammy and her cousin Misty are playing Ping Pong. Misty is about to serve.
Grown up Tammy is preparing Pizza for the gang
Pepper and Dodi are playing with the pets while Ted is trying to get the game on TV.
Dodi is thinking that they should play shuffle board instead.
Ted gave up on the game and is trying a new song on his guitar instead.
Dad is practicing his putt but Mom is listening to the kids in case they need something. She isn't good at relaxing.
Oh no! The ping pong ball has gone missing.
The side of the cardboard house. The whole thing folds up and all the furniture and accessories can be stored inside. 


  1. Oh wow, I just saw a Tammy ping pong table complete with paddles at a doll show a few weeks back. I was seriously thinking about buying it, only it came with a Tammy doll as well, and I didn't want her. That house looks like it would be really fun to play with, as well as making it the most popular on the block with the kids! The house that I grew up in had shuffleboard triangles painted on the bare concrete floor in the basement, but we didn't have any equipment.

  2. What a neat little playroom and patio....just perfect for the younger girls who had the Tammy dolls and couldn't wait to be teenagers!
    I was in college in 1963, so thank you Susan for sharing what I missed for being born too soon. Cheers