Saturday, April 26, 2014

Antique Doll House Room Box with Front and back rooms

The newest addition to my collection is this very special room box from  1913.  I have never seen another one like it. The parlour, veranda and balcony are on one side, and ...
...the kitchen and bedroom are on the other.
The balcony came furnished with this pretty furniture and metal watering can. The furniture is the same style as the Czech dining room sets that were popular a few decades ago, but the painting is very different. Could it be an early version of those sets?
This little house seems to be the ideal honeymoon cottage, so I have decided that newlyweds live here. Young Mrs. Stübchen, has invited some of her new neighbours over. She is making a last check of her lovely parlour to see if all is ready. 

It is shown in the book, Moritz Gottschalk, 1892-1931, and it is from 1913. There is a larger version as well.
The ladies will enter via the flower filled veranda. There is no access to the balcony, but I suppose the dolls are so light they can fly up there. 
Mrs.  Stübchen is vey proud of the punch bowl and glasses she received as a wedding gift. She hopes her callers will be suitably impressed by the set.
Mr. Stübchen is still waiting for Mrs. Stübchen to bring him the suit she sent out to be cleaned. Luckily he is very patient because his suit is the last thing on her mind.
The cook has stayed to help Mrs. Stübchen with her party. She is unaware that  poor Mr. Stübchen is trapped in the bedroom now that the ladies have arrived.
Butch, the bulldog, knows that Cook is a soft touch and he is begging for treats.
Mr. Stübchen loves his new wife vey much, but he is beginning to realize that she is a little absent-minded. He hopes the ladies will leave soon. The truth of the matter is that I have not made Mr. Stübchen any clothes, so even if the ladies leave he still won't be able to find his pants. Maybe I should get on that min-project.
The end of the house has working shutters and a lovely trellis.