Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daphne goes to a wedding: Part three

 Daphne and Colette are late for the wedding, but they are finally at the church.

"I told you that wasn't a shortcut," says Colette.

"Well we are here now. Let's go in." says Daphne.
"Okay," says Colette. "Stop pulling me."

"Are you sure we are supposed to sit here?" asks Colette. "I can't see a thing."

"You are right," says Daphne. "Let's find a better spot. Now, be quiet."

"This is much better," says Colette. I can see everything now. Doesn't the bride look beautiful!?!"

"She is so gorgeous," says Daphne. "The groom is a lucky fellow."

After the ceremony the bride and groom pose for pictures with their small attendants.

The bride and her mother, CM, share a moment.

CM's two beautiful assistants.

A perfect wedding day! Colette and Daphne dry their happy tears and go outside to join the party.

Congratulations to the older assistant and her groom. May your life be filled with happiness and laughter.

From two tiny wedding guests.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Daphne goes to a Wedding: Part Two

 Daphne and Colette are so excited to see each other again!!

"You look lovely," says Daphne!!

"So do you!!" says Colette as they hug.
 "Relax and have a glass of wine and tell me all about your trip from the left coast," says Daphne as they settle down on the sofa.

"It was okay," says Colette, "but I didn't get my own seat like you did, I had to travel in a cardboard box inside a suitcase. I am exhausted!"
"Well, that's over now. Just relax and tell me what's been going on. We still have a few hours before we have to be at the church." says Daphne

"Sounds good," says Colette. "Please hand me a glass of that wonderful looking Rosé."

"We also have  bottle of champagne on the table behind us if we run out of Rosé." says Daphne.

Will the girls finish both bottles of wine? Will they make it to the church on time? Will the have to travel in a purse? Will the bride be frightened by two tiny and unsteady guests?

Stay tuned and find out in the third episode of Daphne goes to a wedding!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daphne goes to a Wedding: Part 1

Daphne has been invited to the wedding of My Realitty's elder assistant. She is very excited, not just about the wedding, but also because she will see her best friend, Colette. Daphne had her dressmaker design a new outfit for her to wear to the wedding complete with a red fascinator, in honour of her home country, Canada.
Daphne feels very elegant in her new outfit.
 The wedding is in New Jersey and Daphne decides to fly there. She has flown to places before, but this is the first time she has had her own seat. Usually she is buried in a purse and she can't see anything.
She enjoys looking out the window.
And seeing the beautiful cities below.

Daphne lands in Washington DC for the first leg of her trip. She will travel to New Jersey in a few days.

 Looking down at the big city below  makes Daphne a little homesick for Mindolton.

Just before she left Mindolton was overrun by the giant visiting cat.
 He was a nice enough kitty, but he just didn't get Mindolton. He made quite a mess.
 "I wonder if he will still be there when I get home," thinks Daphne. "The town sure could use some cleaning up, whether he is there or not."
When Daphne was shopping for a wedding gift, she saw these really cool running shoes. She liked the bunnies on them, but she decided they just weren't wedding gifty enough.

 So instead, she chose something from the gift registry. What a pretty set of dishes. Daphne thinks.
"I wouldn't mind having nice dishes like these," thinks Daphne. "But they would have to be smaller.

More adventures of Daphne, the wedding guest, tomorrow, when she finally sees Colette again.