Friday, June 14, 2013

Squirrels make good dollhouse people, don't you think?

This story appeared in the National post today:
Guidance counselor snaps photos of wild squirrels interacting with miniature props
It starts like this: "Wednesday was Nancy Rose’s day off. For most of the afternoon, the high school guidance counselor from Bedford, N.S., was crouched on her porch, her camera fixed on a miniature bathtub that was carefully staged on a railing. Ms. Rose was waiting for a squirrel to approach the tub and reach for the peanuts inside. National Post reporter Jake Edmiston interrupted Wednesday’s photo shoot to speak to the photographer, whose whimsical depictions of the woodland creatures are garnering international attention."
Have a look. I think you will enjoy it. There's a movie further down with lots of shots.

The miniature settings are wonderful, like this one representing a typical Canadian cottage:

Preparing for Garbage Day
Very timely - graduation day is almost here. 
I ljust love her imaginative settings

I hope you enjoyed the squirrels as much as I did.