Thursday, April 28, 2011

Colette and Daphne visit Call of the Small

On their road trip Daphne and Colette are delighted to visit fellow mini-blogger Call of the Small.

They explore houses in her collection that they would love to have at home.

"I love this patio," says Daphne, "But what is that UFO thing on the roof?"

"Oh, Daphne," says Colette, "Don't you know? That's the clothes line."

Hmmm ... it seems the girls need to get out more. More about this house here.

 "This is a cozy room," says Colette.

"Yes, it is," says Daphne. "I wish I had a desk like that. It is much more avant guard than my Strombecker one at home."
 CallSmall very graciously shows the girls the setting from the Ladies home Journal article.

"What a gorgeous house," says Daphne. "I loved the story of how CallSmall got this house."

See the post here: Citadel Road Trip
"I could live here," says Colette.

"It's gorgeous!" says Daphne

Learn more about this wonderful Vero house here.
The girls make themselves at home in the Kaleidoscope house.

"I keep hearing about this house, but this is the first time I've been in one," says Daphne.

"I just love this table," says Colette.

Read more about this great room here.
"Drink! What a good idea," says Colette. "I wonder when the waiter shows up."

"It couldn't be too soon for me," says Daphne.
"Look at these lovely doors," says Colette. "CallSmall had very talented Elizabeth Le Pla of Elf Miniatures make them for her."

"They are wonderful," says Daphne.

Read about it here.

Alas the visit has come to an end. It is time to continue traveling. So Why don't the girls go?

Because Carol and Susan have left them here at the large Vero house.


Luckily, the ladies notice the girls are missing before they get too far and retrieve them. Although I am sure Colette and Daphne would be very happy living in CallSmall's gorgeous modern homes.



Friday, April 22, 2011

On the Road

 Daphne and Colette are traveling through rural Pennsylvania in search of mini items to add to their mini homes.

Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state with lovely little towns. The girls think that the houses look like the dollhouses they are used to at home.
"Colette, I am getting tired," says Daphne. "Let's look for a place to stay for the night."

"Good idea," says Colette. "I am tired too."

 "This place looks nice," says Colette.

"Oh, yes," says Daphne. "It is so pretty with the green lawn and the spring blossoms."
So the girls check in.

 "Colette," says Daphne. "Look up there. What is that?"

Both girls look at the ceiling over the bed.
"Oh my," says Colette.

 "Oh my," says Daphne. "What kind of place is this?"

And both girls giggle.

"Well, I don't know what they are expecting, but they are going to be disappointed." laughs Daphne.

Pennsylvania is a fun place.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Daphne and Colette are getting ready to visit every antique mall in Pennsylvania.

They spent a lovely night in their river-view room at the elegant Days Inn at Harrisburg and are now ready to hit the road.

It is a beautiful day, but there is a brisk wind so the girls are wearing the knitted hats that Daphne bought in Peru.

"Okay, Colette, grab your suitcase and let's go," says Daphne. "There are several hundred antique malls near here and we want to hit every one. Have you got your credit card?"

"Wha. . . hundreds of . . . Every single one!" stutters Colette.

"Don't worry," says Daphne. "We can get more suitcases for your finds on the road. How many do you think you can take back with you?"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Road Trip!!!

Daphne is so excited!! Colette is coming to Toronto for a few days and then they are taking a road trip south to Washington DC.

Look out Pennsylvania Antique Malls, here we come!!
Daphne gets out her luggage and prepares to pack ....
But first she has to get Colette's room ready.

Hmmmm. Maybe using the guest room for storage wasn't such a good idea after all.

Sunday morning

Daphne is enjoying a lazy Sunday morning.
 The phone rings ....

 "Hello. Yes? Who?"

"You don't mean it!!"

"Really! Of course! Yes! I can't wait!"
Daphne is so excited she jumps right out of the chair.

Who called? What is the news that made Daphne so excited?

C'mon Daphne, let us in on the story.