Monday, March 6, 2023

Did my ship just come in?

One day I was in a Habitat for Humanity store and saw this incredibly detailed paddleboat. It needed a few repairs, but it was utterly charming.

A sailor works on the paddle at the stern

The three decks had handmade railings.

The adorable dolls were made of stockinette and had detailed clothing and facial features.

The bow of the boat was missing its railing but featured a band.

The band members had crocheted clothing and wooden instruments. They were so well done

A couple of elegant lady passengers are enjoying the view from the top deck

The boat was up for auction and no, I didn't take it home. I wonder who did.


  1. It's fantastic! The detail on the boat and dolls is amazing. Thanks for sharing it. I do hope it went to a good home :-)

  2. Thanks Rebecca. I thought it was so well done and cute I couldn't resist sharing.

  3. "utterly charming" is a great description for this awesome paddleboat! Wouldn't we love to know the history behind it.

    1. Yes, I would love to know its history. Someone put lot of work into it. I sometimes wish I had brought it home.