Saturday, March 18, 2017

1895 Antique Doll House

I spent the weekend at my sister's and we had a happy hour or two furnishing one of her antique dollhouses with furniture from her collection.

This house was a Christmas present for a little girl in 1895 and was displayed each succeeding year near the family's Christmas tree for the next several generations. Eventually the newer members of the family discontinued this tradition and my sister was lucky enough to add it to her collection.

The house was originally built with four rooms. The kitchen was added a few years later

Prince Albert, a recently purchased Christmas decoration from the Victoria and Albert museum, is visiting.

The family is waiting in the parlour for the Prince to come down to tea. They are excited to have such a prestigious isitor.

The mother dog and her puppies are playing in the dining room. The furniture was made by Tynietoy in the 1920s. They will be shooed out if the maid catches them.

The children are playing in the nursery totally unconcerned about the royal visitor in the room next door

In the kitchen addition the cook and the maid are listening for the tea bell. The kettle is boiling so the water will be nice and hot for the Prince's tea.

My sister got this lovely tin stove at the Paris flea market last fall.

Someone has left his tools on the dresser.

This is such a wonderful antique doll's house

The family is waiting for Prince Albert to come down for tea

What could be keeping him, Mother wonders

Prince Albert is wondering why tea hasn't been announced. He is getting peckish.

In two of the  rooms there is fun and play
In the other two worry and expectation.  But I'm sure it will all work out. Thanks for visiting!


  1. It IS a wonderful house....and with wonderful accessories! Perhaps you should step in and announce tea?
    So nice to know your sister shares your love for little houses.

  2. Love it! That green stove is fabulous. Ha ha Prince Albert needs some female doll actresses with h him! c

  3. Es una antigüedad bellísima.
    Todos los detalles son maravillosos. Que suerte ha tenido tu hermana al encontrarla y en un estado fabuloso.
    Un abrazo

  4. What a great little house.

  5. Awesome! Thanks for the peek inside this wonderful home>

  6. Is the wall paper original to the house? The paper in the parlor and bedroom look very William Morris. Very nice house!

  7. Hello Shale,
    What a wonderful heirloom dollhouse. It seems to be in great condition, as well as very beautiful and filled with great mini treasures.
    Big hug

  8. Wow love this house, where did your sister find such a treasure?

  9. What a Beautiful Old Dollhouse! I particularly love the old wall-papers which were obviously scraps from the Real House! They remind me of William Morris prints! I sure hope someone rings the Tea bell soon!

  10. Its a great old house and you have filled it with great furniture and accessories. It's museum-worthy! I like the wallpaper too. Thanks for sharing the post - Troy

  11. Hi Susan! I'm delighted! It's a lovely home and your sister has a real treasure. I'm in love with William Morrison Wallpaper.