Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mindolton Manor and Lynnfield furniture

I found this wonderful big dollhouse on Craigslist, back June of 2009. It was fully built when I got it. It is made from a kit called the Bay Mansion #520 by Walmer which was available in the early 1980s.

The house is skillfully built. The exterior is beautifully finished. I love the colours the original owner used.

I have furnished the house exclusively with Lynnfield furniture (except for the grandfather clock in the library).

Chester Waite of Lynnfield, Mass. started making doll house furniture in the 1930's and marketed it as "Lynnfield". The furniture was elegantly and finely made and reflected several different periods of furniture design. The company changed hands several times over the years and the production moved to Columbia SA in the 1960's when Sonia Messer took over. Production ceased in the early 1980's. The furniture was marketed by Block House throughout its history and it is sometimes referred to as "Block House". The period styles remained the same over the years as did the nice quality and it continued to be made of genuine solid mahogany and mahogany veneers and assembled with tiny nails

The left wing (when facing the house) contains the Dining Room, Library, and Master Bedroom. There is a kitchen behind the dining room, but it is almost inaccessible and I have no pictures of it.

The butler is ready to serve dinner. Where is the family?

The library

All set for a chess game in front of the fire

The master bedroom has a nice sitting area

The middle section contains the stair halls. This is the entrance hall on the main floor.

The hall on the upper floor has a nice TV area for the family

The third floor hall has stairs leading to the attic which is not finished, so I have no pictures of it.

The right wing opens from the side and has 4 rooms

The living room is very elegant.

I love the Lynnfield furniture designs.

The lady of the house is a lovely Joan Benzell doll

I took a part a petit point evening bag to make the matching carpets

The bay windows in the door are great for extra furniture.

I love the veranda outside the living room

One of my favourite Lynnfield pieces is this large breakfront.

The right wing has a lovely big bedroom. The chaise lounge is a very rare Lynnfield piece.

A friend made this wonderful needlepoint rug. It is perfect in this bedroom

The vanity is also a rare piece

The nursery is above the blue bedroom

The large dollhouse is a Hallmark Christmas ornament

The small room that adjoins the nursery was shown on the dollhouse plans as the bathroom, but the builder of this house moved the door from the hallway to the nursery and made it the nanny's room. At the moment this large house has no bathroom.

I hope you enjoyed to tour. This is a very special dollhouse and I am happy to have it and the lovely Lynnfiield fruniture in my collection.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Collection for sale - Dollhouses, Buildings & Miniatures

Louise from the blog Grandmas Attic - Toys and Treasures is downsizing and selling a number of things from her collection. Please contact Louis directly at

Please note: I have pulled some pictures from Louise's blog. They do not necessarily represent the items for sale.

Here is the list so far:
Dollhouses, Buildings & Miniatures FOR SALE
 from the Louise Pipher Collection
Contact Louise at if you're interested in any item

A&P Grocery Store - playset, c. 1950's wonderful litho graphics with money, products,
     displays, etc. Also an advertising toy.
Add-A Rooms - 3 different rooms, 3-sided rooms fit in box bottom, very period
Antique Shop- Corner Antiques - trapezoid bldg. w/contents by Sands Films of England-
     they made movie sets, lovely building, door, 2 display windows, back & top opening
Adirondack Log Cabin/House - possibly Bliss, 2 story, 3 room, back open
ADUA French Candy Store - tin litho, front open, all folds up into its base bottom. Lovely
Alabama House -c. 1840. Wonderful provenance, Civil War survivor. 8 rooms including two
     downstairs rooms--the old kitchen and storage pantry. Ask for more info
Amersham English House-front opening, 4 rms + staircase, over-painted but very nice

Bakery Shop - 1960's - small, front opening bakery w/contents
Bank Building - c. 1910 Christmas village building - nice age, could be any store, glass
     windows, handmade - Pennsylvania House came with this bldg....xmas village set
Banner tin litho rooms (5) in original boxes with plastic furniture--smaller scale and really
Bliss 3 "row" houses - all same model, variations, small 2 story, 2 rooms, front opening; one
       house has a pencil inscription on the bottom from Grandma purchased from Vicar.
Bliss ? very rare - Museum quality-2 houses, parlor is larger & kitchen is smaller-fits inside
           larger house/room
Built-Rite Airport - litho on card, airplane & loading stairs available

Canadian Oak Bay Victoria house - c. 1910-20, estate made. 6 rooms, front opening, larger
      scale, two chimneys, wonderful old lock (no key) on front. Truly a fun house to play with.
Cass Natural Wood with litho bungalow, one room
Chicken Coop - age over 30 yrs +
Converse Bungalow litho on white wood, 3/4" scale, side opening
Converse Red/White/Blue 2-story litho on wood inside & outside, front opening, 2 rooms
Converse Red Robin Barn
Cozy Town Manor by Frier Steel c.1930. Front opening, 4 rms, stairs

Dixie Diner - complete with furniture, kids, juke box, dishes, pool table, pink car--have box
Dolly's English House - c. 1950's front opening w/English furnishings & upstairs sun deck, &
Doll Toy shop - 1970's building, front opening w/contents--many dolls on shelves, counter,
Dress Shop - Grace's Fancy Fashions - complete with two front display windows, counter,
       back counter, dolls, hats, perfumes, etc. etc. Front opening. Nicely decorated outside.
Dunham's Cocoanut House - open front "crate style" 3 rooms, w/original Dunham's paper

Egg Cottage by Dept. 56-large egg, front door open, window  & water wheel on side
English/German antique Mystery House -gray/green, 2 story, front opening
Epicerie French shop - antique -floor folds up to enclose shop, many drawers on back with
      French labels, food, crates, counter, scale, 2 old cloth lady dolls, 1 chalk shopkeeper, 1
      wood carved customer on a barrel drinking wine - all antique - wood- lovely.

Farm Animals - early - litho on card with stands along with various farm building pieces
Feather chairs -pair,  Victorian art. Chairs made from white feathers
German Haberdashery - shop (now a clock shop) - prob. Gottschalk, facade has grand open
     front with gold pillars, 2 front display windows with moveable awnings, back is open;  
     shelves come with it, gold scroll on each exterior side-very special - antique

German small sized cottage - yellow, side opening, 1/2" scale
German medium sized cottage - orange, side opening
German 2-Room box - nice old wallpapers & borders, open front, peaked roof
G.J. Lines English House c. 1920's-front opening, 2 story, 4 rooms
Goebel Butterfly Collection- room box and furniture, please inquire
Gone With The Wind 1990 Franklin Mint collection of 15 dolls on the original display shelf.        Dolls measure from 4" for the men down to 2 3/4" for the one child, Bonnie Blue. Each doll has their info, name of their maker, etc. on their bottom. Comes with the original glass-backed 3-shelf piece to hold all 15 dolls.  $300 for complete set
Gottschalk Gray-Green 3/4" scale house fr. Kittybunk, Maine, 2 story, 2 rooms, porches &
Gottschalk Store - w/metal labels, clock, counter and contents, lovely burgundy red
Greenhouse - German by Buchmaker 1970's - with contents
Grimm & Leeds 2 room- litho card, porch, windows with  green "shades",
Grimm & Leeds 4-room - card house, porch, windows with orange "shades"
Hallmark tin litho Drive-In Diner, Fire House & Gas Station - they come with all the cars, diner
      bits, gas station and fire station bits. Email for more info

Heaven Shop - made by well-know miniature landscape artist Diane Merrick, what fun! Glass
      front, wooden box, heavenly clouds, racks of halos and angel gowns with a nice old angel
      granny listening at the "wishing well" to people's prayers
Holiday Shop - currently has all holiday items in it but it is a very cute "corner" shop, made in
      the 1970's, glass in front & on one side wall--could be any shop

Jaymar Art Deco furniture- with original boxes, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living & dining

Keystone "The Birches" exterior, litho on fiberboard, c. 1948-50, 6 rooms, back opening,
     staircase, fireplace
Keystone Put-Away House - kitchen slides inside living room; 6 rooms, back open

Keystone Fire Station & Burning building, NEW old stock w/original price tag, fire trucks, etc
Kitchen - "Mary's" 3-sided larger scale kitchen w child's name "Mary" carved on front edge -
      wonderful contents, stove, tins, food, dishes, etc. etc. c. 1900's

Laundramat - Washboard Willies - Small, 1970's store, glass front, comes with laundry
      machines, Willie himself, etc. (and he is quite a character!)

Marklin German Nuremberg 3-sided larger scale kitchen - c. 1900 w/contents - Art Deco,
Marx Disney Room tin litho dollhouse 1950's   Price $45 
Mary Engelbreit- 2-room tin litho, full of fun, colorful items, 1980's, one-of-a-kind
McLaughlin Bro. Bungalow
McLaughlin Bro. Garden House
McLaughlin Bro. Play House
McLaughlin Bro. original paper furniture
McLaughlin Bro. dolls scaled for dollhouses
Mystery House - aka "Stack House" - interesting and fun 2-story house. Each level lifts off
     including the roof. Similar in some ways to a Christian Hacker but not made by them I don't
     think. Wall, floor papers, each room has a side that opens, front room has a balcony deck
     over it. Great old colors, hardware, etc.

Newlywed Marx tin litho rooms, furniture & card house - 6 rooms w/contents with original
       card house made to hold 4 of the rooms - all complete

Outhouse - made from wood of an old Utah copper mine
Outhouse - white & green made along time ago in W. Virginia

Pennsylvania House - c. 1910, Christmas Village, handmade, came with Bank Building. Front
     porch, electrified, front glass windows, wonderful door with oval glass insert. One room
     with fireplace and original furniture
Petite Princess - complete house-open front, 6 rooms- kitchen, bath, bedroom, lounge, music,
      & dining rooms; with furniture.   Price $895 complete w all furniture
Playtown: Meat Market & Bakery w/food, scales

Realy Truly Furniture- bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room

Schoenhut Colonial Porch House-back open, 2 story, 4 rooms
Schoenhut Colonial Red Roof, 1927-1930
Schoenhut Cottage w/porch - one room, side opening
Schoenhut Green Roof 3/4" scale house, front opening, 4 rooms
Schoolroom - German 3-sided room box, early with desks, bisque students, bell, light &
      schoolroom supplies & wonderful wallpapers and borders--one border has hare's hopping

Shop- Art Deco -drawer labels are porcelain and in English, counter, drawers, back door,
      contents, clock
Sieberling 1940's Dollhouse family - 6 - rubber, painted, 1940's style of dress includes extra
      Dad/Uncle and the rare Nurse
Southern Mansion - Gone With the Wind style c. 1960's - kit bashed, double staircase, 4 side
      rooms and huge center room with Messene/gallery upstairs, pillars in the front, pergola,
      small attic, very up-scale
Spielwaren German furniture: Sofa, sm. table, dresser, lg table & two chairs, bed, night stand,
      candelabra, mirror, night stand & chandelier
Stevens & Brown cast iron furniture- center table, other pieces, please inquire

Stirn & Lyon c. 1881 House - litho on wood, all comes apart  & fits in box/bottom of house -
      America's first manufactured dollhouse - w/wonderful litho top of box showing house -
      excellent condition and color
Stone Church & graveyard -c. 1910 building; 3/4" scale

T. Cohn Spanish style tin litho house w/garage & all windows, doors & chimney
Telephone Booth c. 1984
Theatre/Stage - built by Eric Hyrst-ballet master and founder of the Oregon (USA) Ballet 
       Company/Theatre. He only built two (c. 1970's)such theatres and they are correct to a
       fully operating real theatre. Comes with curtains, etc. etc. and the two groups playing
       currently on stage-The Beetles and Elvis are available separately.
Tootsietoy No. 12 Card House- open back & front facade can be removed, 6 rooms
Treehouse - with kids fort
Tri-ang English house - c. 1950's, front opening, 6 rooms, English furnishings & dolls
Twink-L-Toy furniture-Art Deco twisted plexiglass. Bedroom, living room, dining room.

Wisconsin Arts furniture w/decals: potty chair, crib, high chair-in dull yellow; dresser
      w/mirror & bench, stool, chair, dresser drawers in deep pink; possible other dressing table
Wolverine 1940's Super Grocery store - tin litho with counter and food items
Wolverine Super Saver Market - tin litho with counter and food items
Wolverine Post Office -complete with mail, stamps, counters, Flagg postman & two cannons