Saturday, December 13, 2014

$40,000 dollhouse fit for a princess - Dollhouses in the news

It seems that in December dollhouses are big news. I have found a number of stories about them online.  For the next few weeks I will be reporting on Dollhouses in the News. Here is the first post of the series.

Maybe Santa will bring me this for Christmas. Santa, I've been nice this year...

This is from this news story

A London interior designer and a real estate firm have launched a special new home.

It's got a marble entry hall, hand-polished parquet floors, Nina Campbell wallpaper, handmade furniture and bedding, and remote control lighting. And it's only $40,000!

There's only one catch: It's 6,045 square inches. That's right, it's a dollhouse.

Every Christmas seems to bring news of hyperpriced dollhouses, but this one caught our attention for its incredible detail.

It features:

A parquet floor, which alone took 14 hours to sand, polish and complete.
A Beatrix Potter-themed nursery with wooden floors, a luxury Moses basket, toy box, chest of drawers and changer all hand-painted in Potter artwork.
A drawing room that is furnished with gold silk curtains with a mini cream trim, an Aubusson rug, French furniture, a chandelier and dark wood flooring. There is off-street parking, in the form of a garage, complete with a miniature Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce.
The sale price for the house is $40,000, but if the seller gets more than one offer, it will take sealed bids.

The design firm behind the house, Dragons of Walton Street, will be donating 10 percent of the proceeds of the sale to charity, and Savills, the broker, also plans to donate its "agent fee."

Sure it's expensive for a dollhouse. But Savills said that if the house were real, and located in London's Chelsea neighborhood, it would cost as much as $20 million.



  1. $20 million? Well, then it's a steal for $40k. Thanks for posting about it, and Happy Holidays!

    1. Happy Holidays Neen! If I had $40K I'd get some of the antique houses I can't afford. But that's just me.

  2. Well, well, well. Since these are so cheap put my order in for each of the rooms in my house.! LOL! No one would ever see me again. I would just wonder from room to room all day. AHAHAHA!

    1. This sounds like fun. I think I would do the same. It would be great to have dollhouses to play with all day.

  3. I'm sorry but I like my dollhouses arty. It's just too too for my taste.

    1. It's too too expensive for my tastes. I am still imagining what I could buy for that $40K, including the trips to go get them.