Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mount Vernon in Miniature - The Dollhouse

The pillared side of the real mansion faces the Potomac River
The un-pillared side faces the bowling green
As a patriotic Canadian I decided to spend Canada Day weekend with friends in the USA.

They live in the Washington DC area so we went to visit George Washington's plantation, Mount Vernon, while I was there.

To my delight there was a 1/12th scale version of the mansion in the Orientation Centre.

The small dining room

Most of the bedrooms were for guests, but this is the Nelly Custis bedchamber for Martha's grandaughter
Each room in the dollhouse is a scale model of the corresponding room in the real house. The bed spreads, upholstery and furniture are miniatures of the real thing.

Also see the video here.
Of course the full size mansion was gorgeous. We were not allowed to take pictures inside.
West parlour

Blue Bedchamber

Central passage and upper hall

The green chairs represent the chairs on the veranda facing the river.
The room behind is the New Room (Or Large Dining Room)

Little parlour

Lafayette Bedchamber

Downstairs bed chamber

This room is a model of Washington's Library

A model of the bedroom George and Martha shared

I really enjoyed the tour of the estate. It is very interesting to see how they lived in those days.

And, of course, once our tour was over, I scoured the gift shop for miniatures to add to my own mini houses. I was successful as you can see. I bought miniature paintings, and a blue and white porcelain platter.

My friend bought me this lovely pewter tea set as a gift. It is a perfect dollhouse scale. I am still trying to decide which of my dollhouses will be honoured with its presence.

I had a lovely Canada Day weekend visiting the historic sites of our neighbours to the south.

I would highly recommend visiting Mount Vernon to see the wonderful dollhouse as well as the beautiful estate.


  1. How lovely. Wouldn't it be great if every famous building you visited had a scale model representation =0D I love that you can see both sides of the main staircase. It's unusual to have a view from both sides. Thank you for sharing =0)

    1. I agree, Pepper. Every famous place should have a miniature version for us to enjoy. Wouldn't that be fun?

  2. Hello Susan,
    I'm glad you had a nice Canada Day. What a lovely visit. the miniature is gorgeous and you found wonderful pieces. Have fun figuring out where everything goes.
    Big hug,

    1. Thanks Giac! I love finding miniatures in places where I least expect them.

  3. Isn't this Lovely?!
    I do so enjoy your blog. So many interesting things!

    1. Thanks Gail! I am glad you like my blog. I have fun writing it and taking the pictures.

  4. Que gran oportunidad poder ver de cerca esa preciosa mansión tanto la real como la copia en miniatura. Muchas gracias por compartirla con los que estamos muy lejos y no podemos verla de cerca.
    Un abrazo

    1. Me alegro de haber podido compartir este maravilloso lugar con usted. Gracias!

  5. Beautiful house and amazing purchases.

  6. Wonderful house!!!!
    And lovely tea set.

    1. Thanks Cotoky. I love that little tea set!

  7. Great post. We enjoyed the display when it was in Tulsa a few years ago. You have great photos and found some nice pieces in the gift shop.

    1. I hadn't realized that the display travelled around. I'm sure glad it was at Mount Vernon on the day I was there. I didn't know about it before I saw it for the first time. Thanks Troy!

  8. I don't remember seeing the Dollhouse when I was at Mount Vernon a few years ago! I was very impressed with the interiors and the beautiful colors on the rooms (the green inspired my Living room color for my Lovely Old Dollhouse) I wish I had known there was a model in the visitor's center! (Or maybe that was when it was in Tulsa! LOL!)
    What a great visit you had! And beautiful minis to bring home!

  9. That was really interesting, looks like they lived pretty well in those days, well Presidents did anyway. They used some quite bright colours on the walls. I love the bedrooms with the four-poster beds and the covers. Thank you for sharing the pics.

  10. Thank you for sharing the photos of this wonderful scale replica of the house. The picture you purchased are wonderful.

  11. I was very fortunate to watch this remarkable dollhouse being built. There is a good article with an interview of the builder in the Seattle Times. Here is a link to the article. http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19950311&slug=2109450