Friday, May 2, 2014

Two-Story Room Box. Antique German dollhouse from 1913.

This unusual room box has two stories. I believe it is from 1913, and is probably from The Moritz Gottschalk firm of Germany. The only other two storey dollhouse I have seen is on this blog:

The house has an entry hall with a water closet under the stairs, and a set of the usual
Gottschalk stairs to the second floor. The water closet has its original toilet with a wooden seat. These WCs are common in Gottschalk houses of this era.

Here is the side view of the entry way and the balcony. The house very god condition, but is missing all of its side windows. The windows on the back wall have upper window panes and lower sills.

The balcony came with lots of flowers and is furnished with antique Thonet Bentwood settee, table and chairs.

The formal parlour came with the unusual green furniture with gold painted trim. I believe that some of the lovely wall and floor papers are replacements. 

The small bedroom was fully furnished and included a sweet baby's crib. The lovely window coverings are a recent addition, but they are on an old rod with antique curtain clips. The presence of the baby tells me that these newlyweds have been married at least a year longer than Mr. and Mrs. Stübchen who have just moved into the other unusual room box next door.

The kitchen came unfurnished but had the old tin sink on the wall. I have raided my antique items to furnish it. The chairs are metal and the table and dresser are wood. The cute little maid has a cap moulded onto her bisque head and her original uniform, but I had to make her a replacement apron before she could go to work. The stove is a Bodo Hennig reproduction of a Marklin stove. It will have to stand in until I find the elusive antique version. I quickly pinned the lace curtain on the window, but I see that I should have put a little more effort in to it before I took the picture.

Mrs. Little is just about to serve tea to Mr. Little. The tea set is a great find from my recent trip to the Pennsylvania countryside. I never fail to come home from there with mini treasures. We also had a lot of fun visiting CM of Left Coast Mini who is in PA to visit her daughter.
Mr. Little is in his original suit. The moths have eaten part of his jacket, but over all he is in great condition for a man who is about 100 years old
I moved the tea table to show you the unusual furniture. The set includes a gentleman's chair, a ladies chair, a settee, bookcase, plant stand, clock and pedestal. 
The large bookcase has a drawer at the bottom.
The hanging clock has real works inside. They no longer keep time, so I may look into getting the clock repaired. The bottom has a hole for weights and a pendulum, but they have disappeared into the mists of time.
Little baby Little is entertained by a jumping Jack hanging over her crib.
Here is a better shot of the bedroom furniture. The mirror also came with the house.
I couldn't find this exact room box in the book Moritz Gottschalk, 1892-1931. The closest I could see were these with roofs. Perhaps mine originally had a roof too. 

Here is a view of the house from the front.
The upper windows are missing their frames and had no curtains. I quickly stitched up a pair for the parlour from an old lace scarf.


  1. Love the dark green furniture. Also the bedroom set, art noveau? The jumping jack over the crib is fantastic. Did you say it was from a museum? C

  2. Thanks. It came from the collection in Germany. I haven't been able to find anything like it in my research.

  3. What a fascinating couple of houses these are... and so similar in some ways! The porch looks almost just like the one on the other house... but stacked differently! You have such a wonderful collection!

    1. Thank you! They do complement each other don't they? I was so lucky to find both of them.

  4. This is a stunning house and some wonderful items came with it. The working clock is wonderful and it is nice to have a balcony full of plants. I love the wallpaper too. What a treasure.

  5. thank you for sharing your house, it's beautiful ..I love it..the tin sink is just awesome.

  6. Hi there! I have the Gottschalk catalog book. I looked through it and saw many examples of single story buildings like this. I'm thinking either someone added one on top of another OR it's a version that isn't shown in the catalog book. Beautiful find!! Congrats!!

    Here is the book in case anyone is curious: