Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Tynietoy Townhouse saga has come to a satisfying end. The auction house was fined for violation of ethics.

If you have been following my blog for a couple of years you may remember the terrible time I had with a certain auction house in Maine when I put in the winning bid on a Tynietoy Townhouse in February 2012.
(See pictures of my beautiful, hard-won, house throughout this post.)

You can catch up with the saga on my post of June 21, 2012 - The house is mine!!.

I got it for a very low price. I was so excited. I paid for it and waited for it to be sent to me. It didn't come. After repeated attempts to find out when it was being sent I finally got the auction house manager on the phone (he had been refusing to talk to me, but I kept insisting). He told me they wouldn't give it to me, saying that it was in the auction by mistake. That it had been smashed up by careless employees and they couldn't sell it.

But, they put it up for auction again 4 months later.

Below I quote from the post - The house is mine!!

"My dear friend, CM, went to bat for me when this house came up for sale again... She posted about it on her blogs. She called and emailed all the dollhouse collectors and dealers we know. And she had me file a complaint with the Maine Attorney General.

While none of these valiant efforts stopped the re-sale of the dollhouse, CM got the support of the dollhouse collectors world and no one bid on the house except her. And she bought it for me!!!"

Today, over a year later, I received a letter from the State of Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation and Auction Licensing Board.

They have fined the auction house $900.00 for a violation of contract requirements, failure to account for property, incompetence ... gross neglect or violation of applicable code of ethics, and violating Auction Board Licensing rules like "an auctioneer shall not commit gross negligence, incompetence or misconduct in the practice of auctioneering".

The auction house also received a warning from the State Board that they would be keeping an eye on them about ethical practices.

I feel somewhat vindicated. It just proves that consumers can fight against unfair practices and stand up for themselves.

I bet the auction house now wishes they had let me have the dollhouse back then, when I bought and paid for it.

The story has a happy ending anyway, as the Tynietoy Townhouse ended up with me after all, thanks to my wonderful friend and fellow blogger CM at My Realitty!!


  1. that's great, and interesting, to read! Well, hope you can peacefully enjoy this beautiful house now!

  2. Hooray! Well I just feel like Erin Brokovich! Who will play me in the movie... Helen Mirren? Who will play you??? ;) CM

  3. Good - I'm glad they got fined, I'm glad your friend fought with you to get this wrong corrected, and I'm glad you got the house - what a lovely treasure. My guess is that they negligently put the house in the sale prematurely and instead of admitting their mistake (when presumably the owner got upset or some other legal issue came up) and paying you the money back, they told lies. Serve them right that the eye of the law is now upon them.

  4. My guess is they did not realize it was a Tynietoy until after the sale...

  5. Excellent news, Susan! They've got what they deserved, for sure, and hopefully the fine, warning and boycott on bidding by other collectors will teach them (and any other auction houses who might have been inclined to do the same) that greed and failure to recognise what you're selling are not reasons to cancel a winning bid!

  6. I'm so happy it's over and they got what they deserve...and you got what you deserve---The Tynie Toy House!!!!!!! YAY!!!

  7. What a wonderful house. Well worth the fight. You can now sit back and enjoy it. Well done CM.

  8. Hello Shale,
    Congratulations. You should be proud to have stood up for what is right.
    Big hug,

  9. MINI PEOPLE UNTIE er uh I mean UNITE! (I got a little excited!) rotfl


  10. Although I don't feel a $900 fine is a severe enough punishment, I'm glad to read that it's finally over, and that you got your house anyway.

    Three cheers for CM!

  11. WooHoo! That's great news, I'm glad they were punished!

  12. While I'm sorry to hear that this whole situation happened in the first place, the end results are pretty wonderful. Glad to hear things turned out so well.

  13. Dear Rebecca
    Congratulation ! One should take you as an example and also CM ! This is a true freind and a special person. Thanks to her I'm in this great bunch.
    All the best

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