Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mouse miniatures - Fool on the HIll

I recently watched the movie "Dinner for Schmucks" To my delight, the opening credits are a series of miniature scenes accompanied by Paul McCartney singing Fool on the Hill. Watch the credits here:
Also check out this link to learn about how the miniature scenes were created: Art of the Title. It has some interesting information about how the idea came about and how the dioramas were set up.

Below are some of the scenes.

I enjoyed the movie very much even though the main character, Barry, played by Steve Carell, can be quite frustrating to watch at times.

It is a story about an underdog with a unique talent who proves his worth despite his shortcomings.

The wonderful mouse dioramas are featured throughout the movie and are expertly done.

I would recommend it, not only for the miniatures, but for the sweet story and the rather obvious moral.

If you subscribe to Netflix you can find it there. Enjoy!