Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mouse miniatures - Fool on the HIll

I recently watched the movie "Dinner for Schmucks" To my delight, the opening credits are a series of miniature scenes accompanied by Paul McCartney singing Fool on the Hill. Watch the credits here:
Also check out this link to learn about how the miniature scenes were created: Art of the Title. It has some interesting information about how the idea came about and how the dioramas were set up.

Below are some of the scenes.

I enjoyed the movie very much even though the main character, Barry, played by Steve Carell, can be quite frustrating to watch at times.

It is a story about an underdog with a unique talent who proves his worth despite his shortcomings.

The wonderful mouse dioramas are featured throughout the movie and are expertly done.

I would recommend it, not only for the miniatures, but for the sweet story and the rather obvious moral.

If you subscribe to Netflix you can find it there. Enjoy!



  1. Ohh how cute! I will totally have to see that movie, thanks for the heads up. :D

  2. These scenes are fantastic!
    Bye Faby