Saturday, August 4, 2012

Furnishing my Tynietoy Townhouse

 I have added furniture to my Tynietoy Townhouse. I am not sure that I will keep it this way, but here it is so far.
Xanthe and Hazel are about to have tea in the living room. Where is everyone else?

Only the cat and her kittens are in the yellow bedroom.

Grandmother is in the dining room making plans for dinner. She has forgotten about tea time.
In the upper hall the dogs are begging Grandad to take them for a walk. He is not even dressed yet! He says is looking for his reading glasses. Grandad, they are on your head!!

 In the nursery little Rose is annoyed with her big brother, Ralph. He wold rather play with Buster than her.

The maid should be bringing them their tea soon, and maybe a special treat too.
There is the special treat on the table, but the maid is busy day dreaming and has forgotten about the children. She had better not let Grandmother catch her.

No one is in the front hall. I still haven't put the stairs back. I am enjoying trying out furniture in the extra space.  I seem to have put two grandfather clocks in there. That can't be right.
In the second bedroom a Tynietoy peg doll, coincidentally named Peggy, watches over, Ella, a bisque, glass eyed tot, and an empty cradle. The china cat is contentedly cleaning her paws.

I am sure they will be going down to Tea soon.

I have noticed that each room in this house has two small holes in the ceiling. This is where the light fixtures would have been. Most Tynietoy Townhouses known to date had electric lights in ceilings of the rooms. Whether this one had them once and they were removed, or whether it never had them is something I will probably never know.

Some Tynietoy houses have interior doors on all the rooms as well. This one still has the doors to the kitchen and the nursery, but I have examined the doorways in the other rooms and I can't find any evidence of former interior doors. There are no holes that I can see for hinges.

All of the furniture and most of the accessories were made by (or sold by) Tynietoy between 1920 and 1940. All of the rugs are from Tynietoy.

I am sure I will be doing more posts about this house as I play with it. I hope you enjoyed the visit.


  1. Especially love the yellow bedroom! CM

  2. I think it looks wonderful, you've done a great job on decorating this house!

  3. Hello Susan,
    You really did a great job setting up the rooms. Everything looks beautiful. I can't wait to see more!
    Big hug,

  4. A lovely house that has finally "come home" to all your wonderful Tynietoy furniture! Looking forward to seeing more stories about the people that live there--especially that maid and how long she will be employeed...