Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Little Putz Farm - Antique Stable

 Please come and visit my little Putz farm. The word "putz" is from the German "putzen" for "to decorate, especially to adorn a church." Originally, the putz consisted of wooden, clay, or tin figures arranged to depict the Nativity, Which explains why there are so many and such a variety of animals
Although I believe the barn is German it is not a Putz building. The dolls are from my collection of painted bisque costume dolls and are not Putz either. I think the majority of items in these pictures are about 100 years old. Don't hesitate to correct me if you have some inside information.

I wrote an earlier post about the barn here. Have a look.
 Little Johnny has dropped his bucket of milk. Mother waits for him by the door on the house side of the building. It seems she hasn't noticed yet. The chickens are curious, but dubious about cleaning up the mess.

 Some of the animals had rough lives before they came to live with me. The three-legged dog is checking out the hornless bull. The dog might be saying. "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw."
 Behind the barn the cows have gotten in to the hay field. Mother hasn't noticed that either. She is probably tired.
 The horses are facing us instead of their mangers. Both are missing their tails, so they look better this way. besides who wants to look at a couple of horses' rear ends.

A stream runs through the farm, and the oldest sister, Juliet, is crossing the little Putz bridge on her way home from an assignation with the hired man. She has missed the milking.  I am not sure she will want to talk to Mother, especially once mother sees the spilled milk.

 Mother is calling to Jimmy to wash up for supper. Jimmy doesn't hear. He is congratulating his pet sheep on her new baby. They are both very proud.

 "Go away, chickens!" cries Johnny! Oops, he is in trouble now. Mother has noticed the milk.
 "Johnny, clean that up and then wash up for supper!" yells Mother. She knows that there is no use crying over spilled milk.

She is wondering how much mutton she can get from that sheep.

 Juliet is wary of the big goose. It has chased her many times before and she has drawn its attention. Juliet is more afraid of the goose than she is of mother.

 Oh, no, the donkeys have gotten into the load of hay!!

''Johnny," says Mother sharply. "Put the donkeys in the pasture and then finish cleaning up the milk."
 Oh oh, the goat is eying the cow. that goat has bad temper and it has never liked that cow.
It is just a another bucolic day at the farm. Come and visit again. Maybe Father will be home from the fields, then and Mother won't be so harried.

See you then!!



  1. I like this farm. Very realistic!
    Bye Faby

  2. I love it! Where did you get it. I think the chicken is my favorite but they are all so fabulous! CM

  3. Wonderful farm. I love it.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Susan, this is a beautiful display! The painted background is gorgeous as well!

  5. Thanks Rick!! I love all these wonderful animals and as I grew up on a farm it is all very homelike to me. The background is an actual painting I own. I took a photo of it and dropped it in behind the farm in Photoshop. I did that for only the first picture as it took too much time to do it for all of them.
    I love your posts and can't wait for your next one.

  6. Thank you for sharing pictures of your old farm.

  7. Well that painting works perfectly for the background and I can understand what you mean about Photoshop taking a lot of time!

  8. menuda granja tan completa, una delicia poder disfrutar de la naturaleza.
    Un abrazo

  9. Gracias, Maite . Es divertido, ¿no?
    Un Abrazo

  10. What a fun farm.

    Like the blog too!
    From Tyla @

  11. What a fantastic little stable! It is so full of detail with a wonderful selection of animals.