Sunday, April 17, 2011


Daphne and Colette are getting ready to visit every antique mall in Pennsylvania.

They spent a lovely night in their river-view room at the elegant Days Inn at Harrisburg and are now ready to hit the road.

It is a beautiful day, but there is a brisk wind so the girls are wearing the knitted hats that Daphne bought in Peru.

"Okay, Colette, grab your suitcase and let's go," says Daphne. "There are several hundred antique malls near here and we want to hit every one. Have you got your credit card?"

"Wha. . . hundreds of . . . Every single one!" stutters Colette.

"Don't worry," says Daphne. "We can get more suitcases for your finds on the road. How many do you think you can take back with you?"

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