Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who is that lady in yellow?

I found this doll on eBay. I was attracted by her jaunty hat and pretty 30s style dress.

Because of her beautiful yellow dress I am calling her Xanthe.  I thought of naming her Daffodil, but she looks so sophisticated I didn't think she would stand for it.

I thought at first she might be one of the very rare Tynietoy dolls, but upon closer examination I see that she isn't. Though the construction is similar there are also several differences

Her facial features is stitched on while my reference book tells me that Tinytoy dolls have painted features.

Xanthe has a wrapped wire body and a solid head under the soft face fabric, as the Tynietoys are said to have, but my lady has loops for hands much like the Grecon dolls.

Her wire covered feet are fashioned to form a sort of high-heeled shoe, and she can stand on her own, but the Tynietoy dolls had metal feet.

Her felt hat, with it's front brim and back bow, is tipped over one eye. Every golden curl is stitched in place under it. She is wearing a beautifully made dress over a matching slip. The skirt has little pleats over the knees and the bodice is trimmed with lace. Xanthe's little belt has a hook and eye type  of opening.

She came to me from England and I believe Xanthe is going to live with me for a long time. I am quite taken with her.

If anyone knows who made her or where I can find other members of her family please let me know.




  1. Can't help with identifying her but she is lovely. I specially like her high heeled shoes.

  2. She really is a gorgeous high class beauty!
    I love the gold vase in your cupboard!

  3. Love, love, love her! She would never stand for Daffodil!

  4. Interesting she was from England. That might help identify her. I have never seen shoes like that. C