Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What is it about cats and dollhouses?

On Saturday I decided to see what the living room in Mindolton Manor needed so that I could finally get it finished and furnished for a Christmas scene. I had the door open and was sizing up the room when Darci decided she needed to investigate.

She jumped up on the table at the other side of the dollhouse and daintily stepped though, over, and on the miniature furniture and accessories outside the dollhouse as she made her way over to me.

After she looked through the french doors into the front hall and dining room beyond she investigated the room.

She playfully swatted at the fireplace light. "Maybe it's a skinny red mouse."

Then, quite pleased with her discovery, she settled down purring contentedly in her new home and seemed to expect me to be as happy as she was. She figured that I was so happy that I would sit on my chair and pet her until she got bored with it.

I had placed a baseboard across the end of the room to see how it would look, but she decided to lean on it once she was comfortable, so no more work could be done.

I know it was mean, but I wanted my room back so I brought Darci's daughter, Lily, to join her.

While I get along happily with my daughter, I know some mothers and daughters have a lot of friction and these two are no exception.

Darci has just hissed and swatted at Lily who, as you see, is beating a hasty retreat.

After giving me a dirty look, Darci vacated the premises too and I could get on with my measuring.

I hope to have some pictures of the finished living room to show you soon.




  1. How funny! Thankfully my two cats haven't found a way inside my dollhouse. Perhaps it's because they are both too fat to get in there?!
    Love your photos. Hopefully your kitties will stay out of there for a while so you can get finished with what you are doing!

  2. Kitties love to "snooper-vise" any type of craft they can get their ickle paws into. I think it's in heir genetics. ;-)

  3. Cats just think they own the world. Do you know cats are the only animal that domesticated themselves. They saw peoples houses and said, Hmmmm a new home for me. xoxo C

  4. Cats love boxes, and some love basins - one of mine likes baskets - cat-sized accommodations just made for them! When they can, mine get into dolls houses too.

  5. LOL. I see we have other cat ladies out there in blog world. I am a dog person who got the cats from the pound for my daughter and then got stuck with them when she grew up and moved out. We've had them almost eleven years - mother and daughter (a kitten when she came to us) - and I am just learning how cats think and act.

  6. my pets would be incompatible with yours since they are coberries and they would eat the small house a greeting from carmona (sevilla) and happy holidays

  7. I just found you!
    Luv those cats of yours, Darci and Lily! They are gorgeous!
    I love it when they get into the Mini houses & fuss about~

  8. Welcome Deni! Glad you found me. Thanks, I think my cats are very pretty, too, but I am biased. LOL.