Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Barbie's Dream Kitchen Dinette from1964

Barbie invited her best friend Midge to brunch. She wanted to show off her cooking skills in her new modern Dream Kitchen Dinette. She made coffee in her Corningware percolator and cooked a casserole in the matching dish.

Barbie kept peeking out the window to see if Midge was getting close.

Everything is ready, and Midge is finally here.

"Everything looks wonderful!" Midge tells Barbie. 

"Let's eat." says Barbie
"We can sit on the patio later"

The 1964 Barbie Dream Kitchen Dinette is harder-to-find than some of the other vintage structures. It has wonderful graphics inside and out. I find the outdoor scenes particularly attractive. 

It is a cardboard house and came with many accessories. You could "Decorate it yourself with exciting SEW-FREE cloth draperies, pot holders, place mats, apron". 

Luckily, most of the original pieces were in my set. It is missing only one piece of toast, one knife, one spoon and the top of one stool. I am amazed that all the other pieces are there. They are so tiny and easily lost or vacuumed up. I am grateful that some careful little girl packed them all inside when she outgrew the house.

The original price tag is still on the house. $1.44. Wow, what a sale. I paid a bit more than that when I got it, but I'm still happy to have it. I hope you enjoyed the visit as much as Midge did.

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