Monday, October 18, 2010

Tinnie Tin Tin

I don't collect many tin dollhouses, but occasionally I fall in love with one and if the price is right I buy it.

This late 1948 Play Steel doll house by National Can Corporation of New York, NY seduced me with it's wonderful graphics, both inside and out.

Here is a Woolworth's ad from 1948 featuring the house and some of the furniture pictured below:

Not long ago I found some nice quality plastic furniture  and the house and furnishings seemed made for each other. In fact if you look closely at the ad I think they were
I have to admit that the bathroom captured my heart at first glance. Look at the swan mural over the tub. And the fish swimming on the floor. I love the choice of colours too - very seaweedy.

The master bedroom is also beautifully coloured. I love the little flared swags on the window treatments. Perhaps it was designed for different furniture because the book shelves over the beds are too high, and placement of the dresser, vanity and highboy is difficult. As you can see they are blocking either the windows or the graphics.

But that's okay. The room looks great anyway. And I think the green carpet bordered with orange is a brilliant touch.

The nursery is nice and bright.

I love the puppy border and all the baby motifs in the art.

There is a stork flying in with its new delivery on the end wall, and Peter Rabbit rushing off somewhere with his umbrella above the baby.

There is a lovely nursery rhyme mural on the opposite wall. I will add a picture as soon as I can take one.

The nursery window treatments are very unusual. They look like they exploded back on to the walls in a very precise manner. I love them.

Downstairs we see than Grandfather and Grandmother have dropped in for a visit. Hmmm, I wonder why no one went upstairs for the baby. Grandmother loves the baby best of all.

Grandfather is about to play a piece on the piano.

The children seem to be curious, but father appears to be less than enthusiastic about his father-in-law's presentation. Or, perhaps he is just tired from work.

Another room I fell in love with was the living room with the gorgeous graphics of bookcases and the unusual painting above the fireplace.

What a perfect home.

Mom and Grandmother are in the kitchen chatting. They don't seem to be worried about the baby upstairs. Or about feeding the hungry family. I wonder what they are so absorbed by.

Maybe we will find out on our next visit.

Bye for now. Come back again some time



  1. This is a great house. Love, love, love the bathroom!

  2. My hubby bought me one of these for our anniversary a few years ago because the interior is just like the house my mom had when she was little. Hers has a blue roof and the door opens. I thought it had been thrown away but she still had it...and gave it to me! I had a wonderful time furnishing mine and trying to replace the pieces in Mom's house that had disappeared over the years. They are beautiful houses.

  3. Es una casita preciosa, me encanta el baño.
    besitos ascension

  4. Hi Susan, I too love those old tin houses when the price is right. You have done a stand up job with the decor. Just lovely...

  5. We Love the puppy border! More Blogging PLEASE!!!! C

  6. Mucho trabajo. Las paredes muy bien decoradas. Me encanta.
    Te doy la bienvenida a mi blog y espero que pases momentos agradables cuando lo visites.
    Besos Clara

  7. i have a 1948 Tinnie Tin Tin that belonged to my mother in law, she received it in 1948 or 49. Its not in great condition, has a little rusting and discloration, whats the best way to preserve it?

  8. I am not really sure how to preserve it. I have read on line that you can wash the tin gently with soap and water and then wax it with car wax, but I haven't tried this so I can't say whether it works or not. Maybe someone out there knows what is good for removing rust, etc. Can anyone offer suggestions?


  9. This is my Mom's doll house! SO glad you posted it! My daughter and I are playing with it right now!

  10. When clearing out my parent’s house last year, we found my old tin dollhouse from the ‘50’s. It’s all collapsed in a box with quite a few furniture pieces.