Friday, March 15, 2013

The upper hall at Mindolton Manor - Vintage Dollhouse

The second floor hallway of Mindolton Manor  is where the the family gathers to watch TV.

See more of Mindolton Manor here:
Master bedroom
Dining Room

The TV is the 2012 Beverly Hillbillies Halmmark ornament. You can press the button and it plays the theme song.

The pictures in the frame are of my children when they were young.

The furniture, except for the TV, is Lynnfield.

I talked about the history of this furniture here.

Once again we have four pieces of furniture covered in the same fabric. The sofa is a different style from the ones I have shown you before, but the chairs are the same designs.

The book filled secretary is similare, but not identical to, the ones we saw in previous posts.

The rug is hand done in needlepoint.

Next we will take a look at the front hall.


  1. The rug is beautiful...makes the whole room cozy. Had there been just a little more room in the Heritage, I would have certainly put in one of these vintage TVs. Marvelous! :D

  2. Love the TV. I remember watching the Beverley Hillbillys when I was young.

  3. What a cool retro TV set :-)
    The room looks very cozy!

    Hugs, Lina

  4. My favorite part is the Beverly Hillbillies on the T.V.

  5. I like the matching furniture. I would be sitting there watching the Beverly Hillbillies. Then go for a swim in the "cement pond." LOL

  6. Great! Perfect tv set too funny xo CM

  7. Hello Shale,
    Fantastic pictures. Your work is beautiful.
    Big hug,