Friday, January 20, 2012

Petite Princess revisited

I can't resist the Princess.  I blogged about my collection a few years ago here.

But recently I joined this Facebook Group I love 1964 Ideal Petite Princess/ Princess Patti Dollhouse Furniture! and looking through the pictures made me want to play with my collection. I pulled everything out of storage today and spent the afternoon setting it all up.

First is my version of a music room.
 I have five Petite Princess room boxes - three yellow ones, one blue, and one pink.

I have every item that was sold before they changed the name to Princess Patti, and I have many duplicates. Some pieces are pristine, right-out-of- the-box, and some have been played with.

 I created a dining room with the second yellow room box. This one is more worn and the outside has yellowed with age compared to the Music room box.
 My third yellow room box came in it's original cardboard sleeve and is in pristine condition. I tried it out as a living room.
 The blue room box seemed right for the blue bedroom. I still haven't been able to find a blue bed with its original flames above the headboard.
And, surprise, surprise, I used the pink room box for the pink bedroom.

I added a couple of hard plastic dolls dressed for the French court. They don't really match the room, but they are cute, as well as being a tribute to my recent trip to Paris.

 Here, again is the living room in yellow. This time I remembered to hang one of the PP paintings and some accessories.

But before I tried the yellow room I had the living room in the blue box.
Which do you like better? The blue room is much cooler, but is it a better match?

And, before I switched the living room I had the blue bedroom in the yellow room box.

I think it looks better in the blue room. What do you think?
 With the five room boxes furnished I had run out of rooms, but I still had furniture. So I got out a couple of other Ideal room boxes.

Here is the living room box that came with Ideal's Tiny Plastic Furniture.

 The plastic furniture was the 3/4 scale molded furniture that Ideal made to compete with Renwal.

I think Petite Princess looks fantastic in this room.
 I love that this room is so much more spacious than the Petite Princess rooms and that there is room for the piano and separate sitting areas.
 The little lady on the couch is eyeing the piano apprehensively. I wonder if she is supposed to be practicing.

 The only room box I had left was the Ideal Plastic Deluxe Kitchen Furniture one.

I don't have any Petite Princess or Princess Patti kitchen furniture, so I used my second set of dining room furniture.

I thought it would look terrible in the rustic kitchen setting, but I quite like it. The colours of the room graphics complement the furniture.

 I hope you had as much fun as I did revisiting the Petite Princess.

You can learn more about this wonderful furniture here:


  1. wow, it is all really great! I only discovered Petite Princess a few weeks ago. I think I have 4 pieces. I love the Yellow, Blue and Pink room boxes. Great collection, thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks Troy! I read your blog post about your Petite Princess. You find the best things at estate sales. The room boxes fold flat (the floor comes out) and are easy to store. They were offered in three colors only. I really like the Petite Princess collection because I know I would have found it so magical when I was a kid. It has wonderful detail.

  3. A fabulous collection! Thanks for showing.
    I have a few pieces, gifts I received from friends but I knew nothing about them until now.

  4. I am a HUGE fan of Petite Princess! I too have every piece except for the Princess Patti Bathroom. I remember this furniture so well from my childhood and my mother not allowing me to have it because boys don't play with dollshouse......Thanks for posting these great pictures!

  5. I remember standing in the corner of the Sears store in Roanoke Virginia choosing one of the small sets that went with Petite Princess- in one of the house display box. I so wanted the piano! it's everything I can do not to go to EBay and buy it- I'm resisting. thanks for sharing your collection. BTW I think the prissy little lady is a Hasbro doll.

    Jennifer B.

  6. Ray, I think it is so unfair for children to be denied their hearts desire. Your mother may have thought she was doing the right thing, but she could have been stifling a great designer. I am glad you have the furniture now.

  7. Jennifer, go to eBay and buy the piano. It's what you want to do. I love it when I find something I've wanted for years. It is so satisfying. Besides you can always put it back on eBay and resell it if you find it's not the kick you think it will be.

    Advice from a dollhouse junkie - Susan

  8. Hi..a friend of mine just a received an old wooden dollhouse & a box filled with furniture for her daughters. She didn't want the furniture and asked me if I knew anyone who would want it. I love dollhouses & said I would take it. The box was filled with Petite Princess furniture. I knew by looking at it that it must be something good. I had no idea just how good. I did a little research and I was shocked. I love your room boxes and I hope I can find some to start adding my new furniture too! Loved your blog post!! Tami

  9. Hi Tami. Isn't it exciting when you are given something you really like? The room boxes come up on eBay every once and a while. I have seen them sell for anywhere from $9.00 to $79.00. So if you see one at a high price hold on. Another will come up at some point for a lower price. You might look on too.
    I hope you will share your pictures when you find one.


  10. Hi Susan...thank you for the information. I am not sure how the Petite Princess slipped past me as a child. I was 6 in 1964, so maybe my parents thought I was too young or it was too expensive. I can't wait to get a room box or two or three!! I will share my photos with you too.
    Have a great day!!!

  11. I have a couple chairs and accessories I have had since I was 5 or 6. I am now 58! I want to expand my collection. Fond memories of my dad taking me to Levines in Colorado Springs to pick out my treasures.