Thursday, April 1, 2021

Argo Model Home for Dolls

Several years ago I did a post on my Argo Model Home for Dolls Nursery from 1957.

You can see that post at this link: Argo Model Home for Dolls circa 1957

At long last I have two more rooms. The bedroom and the living room. 

These two rooms were shown in the 1958 Sears Christmas Catalog as a set as shown in the image below

The two room house featured an extra bedside table and lamp in the bedroom and a table with a leaf and two chairs in the living room, as well as an extra side table with lamp.

The drapes are on a string and cal be opened and closed just like the real thing from the 1950s.

All the windows slide up and down to open or close.

There are instructions for putting a penlight battery in the lamps so they actually light up, but I can't quite figure out how to do it. I think they are missing the on/off switches.

Here is my nursery and its original box

Here is the exterior of the house with the three rooms stacked as a three storey house

This brochure came with each room. It says the scale is 1 foot to 1 inch, but the rooms were made, pre-barbie, for 7.5 to 10 inch dolls like Ginny and Jan and they are slightly too small for Barbie

The inside of the brochure shows the rooms they have available. Now I just need the kitchen.

Brochure picture of the Nursery

Brochure picture of the Bedroom

Brochure picture of the Living room

I have the table and chairs from the kitchen, but nothing else. Maybe someday ... 

I hope you enjoyed your visit. I had fun showing it to you.


  1. Veo que has disfrutado con tus miniaturas.
    Han quedado muy bien esas habitaciones.
    Espero que pronto nos enseñes más.
    Un saludo