Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mother of diabetic daughter found some solace from worry in creation of dollhouse - Dollhouses in the News

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Mary Anne Styczynski never imagined that what began as a simple hobby to cope with her daughter's diabetes would become a seven-floor, 16-room, 6 1/2-foot-tall, 3-foot-wide model of a Victorian brick townhouse — a 28-year project. She developed her love for dollhouses after receiving one from her mother that she fell in love with as a child.

"I had always been interested in dollhouses and miniatures since childhood and decided to design and build a dollhouse to help keep a positive outlook," said Styczynski. She self-published a book called "Mary Anne's Dollhouse and How it Came to Be" in 2012. But the construction of the dollhouse began long before that, after a family vacation at Maine's Orchard Beach in 1985. Styczynski spent the ride home from Orchard Beach tending to her then-11-year-old daughter, Julie, who was restless and dehydrated. Mary Anne could tell her husband, Jack, was worried from the look in his eyes.

"I knew he was asking me if I wanted him to stop," she said.

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